to Beilstein the
“Sleeping Beauty of the Moselle”

Beilstein residents take great care to ensure our guests are made to feel very welcome and treat them as true friends on their repetitive visits to us anew, over generations.

Encased between what is reminiscent of creek ridges, which slope down from the Hunsrück-Heights to the Moselle, lays our romantically wild, beautiful small town of Beilstein.

Many Moselle visitors deem Beilstein to be the most beautiful and romantic Moselle town they have had the pleasure of visiting. And after enjoying a round-trip and experiencing the quaint and narrow alleyways and alcoves it quickly becomes ever more evident why Beilstein has served as the backdrop for many popular feature films.

The town’s ancient quarter and remains of the town-wall erected in1310, which formally encircled the whole of Beilstein, along with its numerous historical buildings, provides us with an insight into a town as of the middle-ages. Particularly worth visiting are the picturesque market square from 1322, the out of use tithe house, the former Parish Church of St. Christopher and what were the ancient monetary-control offices during the 18th century.

Beilstein has depended on wine growing for hundreds of years. The most famous source locations are Silberberg (Mount Silver) and Schlossberg (Mount Castle). Abject poverty between farmers and wine growers was the reason for very little modernisation taking place in the town, well into the 20th century. This resulted in the retention of original ancient buildings and customs, thus now emanating a special charm, accentuating the mood of agelessness and providing for an unmistakably cosy environment, which our tourist guests cannot fail to savour and enjoy.

Our small community of about 160 residents now relies upon tourism as well as wine- growing for its living. Tourists come from all parts of the world to enjoy Beilstein. In addition to our many customers (including regulars), who enjoy relaxing on holiday; rambling, sight-seeing and making excursions, our village also attracts many day-trip guests who are equally enchanted by the charm and grace of Beilstein.

A variety of individual styled cafes, wine taverns, restaurants, guest houses, hotels and holiday apartments account for every possible taste, there is something here to suit every visitor.